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Welcome Flame
Epic MMORPG with a tactical combat system!

Fire Heroes will capture every gamer's heart: 70+ phantoms for collectors, open world, dungeons, PvP arena for ММО fans, plus tactical and turn-based battles for lovers of strategy.


Items and Equipment

Are you a collector? Get ready for a challenge! We have more than 70 unique characters you can recruit.

Boring, dull companions? How about forming your own harem of elves and mages?

Are you a fan of unique, good-looking weaponry? Now uniqueness has practical applications: Skills and variable combat tactics.

Tactical combat system

Done with boring, monotonous battles on your own? Assemble a squad of friends and clear dungeons in the kind of group arenas you won't find in ordinary fighting games!

Fed up with arena battles against mindless bots in tactical games? Then come check us out! All battles are fought in real time. Fight against real opponents in 1v1 or 3v3 modes.

Tired of repetitive combat? Bored? We have just the thing! Use your wits and come up with clever tactics to overcome powerful opponents.

3 simple steps to get tons of gifts

Оставь почту, чтобы гарантированно получить уникальные награды после выхода игры!

Leave the mail and get an exclusive phantom model, which is available only by pre-registration!


50 000 registrations
150 000 registrations
200 000 registrations
Register now! The more pre-orders we collect at the start, the more powerful the prize will be.
Subscribe to our group on Facebook and get 5 books to summon Phantoms


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